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About Me

My name’s Zeke Weeks. I started building for the open web in the mid-1990s, and for the last 12 years I’ve specialized in WordPress and Drupal Development. I’m a proud graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Business Administration concentrating in Computer Information Systems.

With all my work, I have three core values:

  1. Technology should complement each organization’s unique culture and strengths.
  2. Custom software should address current needs and be ready for future success.
  3. Good technologists do their best to put themselves out of a job.


As a full-stack web developer, I love all kinds of ambitious projects. These days I find myself working on large, complex applications in government, education, and non-profit sectors. Here are a few ways I’ve been making organizations’ web applications do more:

Website Handoffs

If you’ve broken up with your old development agency, or if keeping your site secure and functional is distracting your team from bigger priorities, I can keep everything running smoothly.

Complex Compliance

Silicon Valley startups might treat standards for accessibility, security, and privacy as an afterthought, but my clients take their responsibilities seriously. I have plenty of experience building modern systems that satisfy a range of regulations and best practices – WCAG, PCI-DSS, 508, PIPEDA, FedRAMP, DMCA, COPPA, and more.

Massive Multisites

One Drupal or WordPress instance can host an entire network of customized websites. This presents scaling challenges for both your technology stack, and your organization’s support strategies. I can help huge multisite communities defy the apparent limits of “one size fits all.”

Host Wrangling

Today, many organizations get more value out of business-class cloud hosting than they would from an in-house IT staff. But are you sure that enterprise PaaS sales representative knows or even cares how much resources you really need to be paying for? I’m deeply familiar with most of the major Drupal and WordPress providers, but I have no economic stake in their business. I can be your informed advocate in working with enterprise hosting providers and help you get the most out of your hosting budget.

Full-Stack Auditing

Sometimes you want the big picture instead of an endless string of trial and error. I can analyze your entire system with an eye for performance, security, and reliability. This is helpful for triaging an application with multiple issues, reverse engineering a project that was not fully documented, or preparing an application to change hosts or add significant new functionality.

Build for today and tomorrow

I build new functionality with your business priorities in mind. Mission-critical features might merit fully custom development, but not everything does. If I can improve your return on investment by offering a simpler solution, I will. I also consider how my projects can be scaled and extended in the future – constant refactoring and upgrading are the last thing a growing initiative wants to deal with.

Let’s get to work.

You can reach me via email at my first name .